Bonding Through Touch for Couples


Research has shown that after a mere 5 seconds of being touched, blindfolded people have up to a 78% accuracy reporting the emotion being conveyed by the person who was touching them. (That’s on par with our accuracy in reading vocal intonation and facial expressions.)

When is the last time you really gave thought to what you were conveying when you touched your partner? How do you think this might affect your relationship with your significant other?

In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to “listen with your hands” so you can sense what another person’s body is telling you, to increase a sense of emotional bonding & support. We’ll also cover common pitfalls and the do’s/don’t of compassionate, bonding touch. And we’ll go over some specific places of the body that are “prime targets” for helping your partner feel deeply supported and “heard”.

All touch in the workshop is strictly non-sexual. Instead, the focus is on developing listening and compassionate hands.

This 3-hour, semi-private workshop is limited to 3 couples, to ensure that you receive plenty of direct feedback from the instructor.

Learn to connect with your partner with a more compassionate, listening quality.

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The couples workshop is educational, relaxing, and meditative. Amber’s triple-threat knowledge of touch, movement, and anatomy make this a powerhouse course dressed in lamb’s clothing. Highly recommend it for couples–you’ll walk away feeling close and wonderful, and it’s all G-rated.”

–Jean Tang,
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