Self-Preservation Workshop

NYC has been rated the #1 “Stressed Out City” in the US. Long work hours, hectic commutes, and high cost of living result in an environment that’s competitive and overstimulating. Our nervous systems have difficulty calming back down again…leading to stress, anxiety, and sleep disturbances.

In this workshop, you’ll learn simple yet powerful ways to incorporate self-care into your routine, no matter HOW busy you are. You’ll learn to identify “micro-moments” that already exist in your day, and take advantage of those moments as opportunities for creating more calm, focus, and rejuvenation. The result? You’ll feel less stressed, less anxious, sleep better, and feel more centered in the midst of the chaos.

This semi-private workshop is limited to 6 participants to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Learn how to finally fit self-care into your hectic routine:

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I have been feeling awesome, not even lying. Like SO motivated – yesterday I finally went back to the gym then got up and did it again this morning and my back has been fine!
You’re the real deal!”

–Cory Kleiman