Chronic Pain


Do you have chronic, ongoing pain that nothing seems to “fix”?

Your body’s alarm system may be malfunctioning.

Here at Sensory Nexus, we look at chronic pain in a unique way. From our perspective, pain is actually a pattern in the nervous system. Metaphorically speaking, if the experience of Pain is your body’s alarm system, then chronic pain is what happens when that alarm gets stuck in the “on” position.


Normally, the sensation of pain turns “off” once the painful stimulus is removed–whether that’s a pinched nerve or tight muscles. But with chronic pain, the painful stimulus sets off a chain reaction of ongoing Pain signals in the brain…kind of like an echo chamber. This pattern of pain repeats itself long after the initial stimulus has been removed.


Fortunately, the Feldenkrais Method® is a wonderful pattern interruptor. During your Feldenkrais session, you’ll be guided through a sequence of gentle movements designed to interrupt the pain pattern in your brain long enough for a new pattern to begin to develop. You’ll also learn how to use some of these movement sequences in situations that often cause you pain–such as long car trips, walking, or sitting at the computer. This way, you’ll have tools to use right in the moment, when a flare-up of pain hits.

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