Learning & Attention

Your child is intelligent and curious, but has trouble staying focused in school and at home. Perhaps you’ve explored other treatments without success, or maybe you’d like to avoid them altogether.

Many children—especially gifted ones—struggle to stay on task. In a world alive with distraction, Feldenkrais® may hold the key to your young one’s attention. Calm and quieting, the practice turns down the noise, allowing children to focus and connect for fully with themselves and their bodies. From this space of relaxation, gentle, repetitive motions help children integrate their sensory data, allowing them to relax and calm down. The more his or her sensory integration improves, the easier it will be for your child to ignore distractions and see tasks through from start to finish.

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Sensory Nexus can help your child painlessly improve his/her learning and attention in the following ways:

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• Tools for Parents to assist your own child

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The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

–Mark Van Doren