Feldenkrais® isn’t just for kids. Whether you’re a new mom recovering from the stress of childbirth, or a parent who wants to practice alternative communication skills, you can benefit from Feldenkrais® at Sensory Nexus.

Choose from workshops on:

  1. Self- care/self-preservation: Your child is your world, and you’ll do anything to see him or her thrive—even if that means putting his or her needs before your own. But in order to give your little one the best care possible, you have to take care of yourself. In this small group workshop, you’ll learn methods for self-care especially designed for new mothers and parents of children with special needs.
  2. Bonding Through Touch: Touch is your child’s first language. Studies show that bonding touch in infancy is essential to brain development and healthy social engagement. The link is strong: studies show that blindfolded people can accurately report the emotional state of others who have touched them for a mere few seconds. In these parent and child sessions, you and your little one will practice bonding touches that increase feelings of connection, safety, and comfort while improving his or her motor skills, proprioception and sensory integration. Through practice, you’ll learn how to feel and respond to what your child’s body is saying.
  3. Unpacking Childhood Trauma: This workshop explains the physiology behind trauma and how trauma gets “stuck” in your nervous system. We’ll also cover the role of sensation and proprioception in restoring balance to the nervous system and give you a few simple tools to help your child (or yourself) return to equilibrium.

Prefer privacy? We also offer Private Sessions for parents.

Private Sessions can cover any of the workshop material, plus any additional needs you have for your own physical well-being.

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Since working with Amber, I have grown more in touch with my body alignment. I feel empowered when confronting physical discomfort, and I notice when I am using my body incorrectly. Using what I learned in our sessions, I can correct my movement before I injure myself.”

–Emily S.