Lift your arm. There. Your body’s just made a zillion choices about which muscles to use, what angles and paths to take, and other tiny, imperceptible things. To you, these choices are mostly subconscious. To your body, they’re not always optimal: just the result of a lifetime of habit.

When you injure a limb or undergo surgery, the damage doesn’t stay isolated. By way of subtle shifts in your body’s movement—a change in gait, a tiny slouch—a single injury can throw your body off balance, causing enduring pain.

Feldenkrais® recalibrates the way your body reacts, easing pain and improving range of motion. By expanding your body’s physical vocabulary, Feldenkrais® frees you from harmful repetitive motions brought on by injury—and introduces you to a blissful state free from aches and restrictions.

Best of all, your body’s newfound intelligence isn’t temporary. Once given the information it needs, your body continues to move in a more optimal way, reducing pain and decreasing the risk of future injury.

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I herniated my disc, impacting the sciatic nerve and causing debilitating sciatica (numbness and pain in the leg). It was so bad that I couldn’t sit, stand, or lay down for a month and a half. Surgery helped the pain, but I was left with a chronic, annoying ache.
I tried acupuncture, yoga, core strengthening and chiropractic—all worked, temporarily. But the pain always came back. Since starting Feldenkrais®, I’m experiencing lasting pain relief for the first time.”

–Mike Lenneville,
swing dance instructor