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  • Interview on “The Heart of Healing”

    Check out my interview on “The Heart of Healing” on Blog Talk Radio. Hosted by Tom Fuld. We talk about some of my past occupations (Pilates instructor, sound technician on Broadway, etc), and how my diverse career journey shaped my thinking, and my current commitment to helping others live a healthier, pain-free life. The episode expires on Dec […]

  • It’s “International Day of People with Disability”: Celebrate their NORMALness!

    I just found out that today is International Day of People with Disability. While it’s true that I do enjoy helping “disabled” children learn to unlock their body’s best potential, today I wanted to share a short TED Talk by a comedian who requests to be viewed as she sees herself–as a surprisingly Normal, unremarkable […]

  • Constructive Fidgeting Video

    “Constructive Fidgeting for Self-Management” Transcript: Hi, I’m Amber Adams and I teach children how to manage their strong physical or emotional sensations using a system called the Feldenkrais Method®. This workshop is called “Constructive Fidgeting for Self-Management.” If children are unable to manage their own strong emotions, it’s very difficult for them to focus or learn, or get along with […]

  • Improving Meltdowns, Tantrums and Emotional Overwhelm

    What causes meltdowns and tantrums? Every child has them as part of their learning and growing process, yet some children seem to be subject to more intense outbursts than their peers, or continue to have them beyond the “normal” age. The ability to gain control of bodily functions, manage powerful emotions, and maintain focus and […]

  • July 4 Fireworks

    How to Increase Your Freedom Through Movement

    Happy Independence Day! This day is strongly associated with freedom… and for good reason. Regardless of your political convictions, it can’t be denied that U.S. citizens enjoy a great degree of external freedom. But what about our internal freedom? Today we’ll look at one of the most subtle destroyers of internal freedom: unconscious movement habits. But how could movement habits affect freedom?

  • holding hands

    At a loss for words? Try using Touch.

    During graduate school, I became an avid swing dancer. Since women traditionally “follow,” I quickly discovered that partner dancing isn’t just about fancy footwork or thrilling aerials—it’s primarily about connecting to your partner. Even if both dancers are “doing it right,” the dance feels very distinctly different when both people are deeply attuned to the most subtle nuanc…

  • Improving Autism and Sensory Processing with the Feldenkrais Method®

    A large percentage of autistic children struggle with sensory processing challenges. Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) share these challenges as well. It could show up as an aversion to touch or clothing, an unwillingness to eat foods with certain textures, or an inability to cope with noisy environments. These sensory sensitivities can cause a […]